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Supporting Sudden Death In Children & Young Adults

Grief following the death of someone close is one of the most painful and stressful life events. It is experienced in many ways–emotionally, physically, spiritually–and everyone grieves differently. Shock, anger, sadness, guilt, and anxiety are common feelings during the grieving process, and they can be overwhelming. Occasionally there are no emotions, there is only numbness.

Some people find it difficult to cope with their loss and believe they’ll never be happy again. Counselling offers support at this challenging time. It is a form of therapy that helps the bereaved to explore and process distressing and confusing feelings.


Loneliness and isolation are also common feelings after loss, and the support of family and friends can be invaluable. However, it isn’t always possible to grieve freely and openly among them; after all, they are grieving too. counselling sessions validate their feelings and provide a safe, non-judgmental space to fully express emotions.

Counselling doesn’t aim to hurry the process along; it supports people as they grieve in their own way and in their own time.

2 Wish Upon A Star can provide several funded sessions of one to one counselling with a qualified counsellor. This can be as an individual, a couple or we can offer counselling via instant messaging or over the phone. We are very much person led and let our families guide the way as to when and if they are ready for support. There is no time limit on accessing support.

Following the advice of our counsellors, formal support can be accessed around 6-8 weeks following the death of the child or young person.

All our counsellors are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and we follow their guidelines strictly. Please visit for further information.

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