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Supporting Sudden Death In Children & Young Adults
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2 Wish Upon A Star provides bereavement support for families who have suddenly and traumatically lost a child or young adult aged 25 years and under.

Emphasis is on bereavement support for parents after losing their child suddenly and traumatically

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Working with SW Police

Detective Superintendent Ceri Hughes of South Wales Police explains how working with 2 Wish Upon A Star has better equipped officers to support families after a sudden bereavement.

Working with NHS Wales to support bereaved parents

Steffan Simpson & Emily Jones of University Hospital Wales explain how NHS Wales have improved their support for bereaved parents with the help of 2 Wish Upon A Star.

Supporting Organ Donation Wales

Lisa Morgan, a specialist Organ Donation Nurse talks about how the invaluable support 2 Wish Upon A Star provides has helped organ donor families no longer feel alone in their grief.

Griff Edwards

Walking out of the hospital and leaving our baby behind was the hardest thing we had ever had to do up until that point. But even harder was to carry on life after he had gone.

It was a beautiful sunny day in June 2014 when our son, Griff was taken from us at just 8 months old. He had been the light of our lives, along with his older sister. When I kissed him goodnight , I coul

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Peter Baldwin

On 6th January 2015 we experienced every parents worst nightmare. We lost our darling boy, Peter.

Peter had just turned 13 and celebrated Christmas, a normally fit and healthy boy, he was suffering with a chest infection that was unknowingly to us masking undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes (a non-preventable autoimmune disease that can be fatal if not caught early enough).

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Conner Marshall

'Life goes on', simple words of a tattoo on Conner’s arm, that now have such an enormous meaning to our family and friends.

March 12th 2015 is the horrible day that is forever etched in our minds, deep in our memories and so very sad. Our eldest, handsome and caring Conner was only 18 when he was tragically and unexpectedly taken from us.

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