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Supporting Sudden Death In Children & Young Adults
Memory Boxes

We are working with Emergency and Critical Care Units across Wales to provide every family who loses a child or young adult suddenly with a plain white memory box containing;

  • A candle
  • Organza bags for curls of hair
  • Inkless handprint kits
  • USB Stick
  • Paper and Pen
  • Small soft toy elephant
  • Small photo frame
  • Forget-Me-Not seed paper

Unless you have lost a child and been faced with mortuaries and undertakers, you can never truly appreciate what a memory box would mean to a bereaved parent.

Every parents experiences are different but some parents never receive a lock of their child’s hair or a copy of their child’s hand and foot prints. Having just lost their child, many parents leave the hospital in shock; they can feel very isolated and unsure of where to turn for support.




2 Wish Upon A Star have made Memory Boxes for bereaved parents that include two small elephants (one for the parent and one to be left with the child), an inkless kit to take the child’s hand and foot prints and a small organza bag to place a lock of the child hair. Other small remembrance items are also included. 

These boxes are now in all 24hr Emergency Units here in Wales. We have also started working with Critical Care Units to make sure they have these boxes available to them if a child or young person passes away. Organ donation BT are also supporting the use of our boxes and have access to them if required.

One small elephant will be tucked in with the child that has passed away and will remain with the child. One small elephant remains in the box for parents to cherish. Large soft toy elephants will be provided for any siblings in the hope they will find comfort in having the same toy elephant as their brother or sister.

Baby gro’s and blankets are also provided and sets of pyjamas for older children. Very often their clothing will have been removed and it is important for parents to see their child looking clean and respectable after such loss. It is the initial moments after such tragedy that remain with a parent forever.

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