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Supporting Sudden Death In Children & Young Adults
Immediate Support

Families are contacted 24-48 hours after the bereavement by the Immediate Support Co-coordinator, who will then keep in touch with the families for a period of 6-8 weeks. The support can include anyone who has been directly affected, such as extended family, close friends and professionals.

At the 6-8-week point, the families can be offered a referral to our counselling services if they are ready and wish to do so. If the family members are not ready, this can be put on hold until they indicate otherwise. The support is not time limited, allowing individuals to access in their own time, thus supporting their individual needs.

Home visits are an option, which many families welcome to help them cope with their grief. This usually take place after the funeral, to give relatives time to say goodbye and not overload them with formalities in the early stages. If a home visit is not required, then phone calls and texts will be performed on a weekly/fortnightly basis, depending on the needs of the families. All the support is client led, and bespoke to the individual.


Families can contact the support phone and speak to a member of the support team if they have any concerns, worries or would just like some advice and assistance. The phone is available Monday to Sunday 9.30am to 6pm. Families can leave a message and be assured that someone will get back to them at the earliest convenience.

Referrals to the service are not just welcome from professionals, such as the Police and Hospitals, but also from friends, relatives and even neighbours of families that have lost a child suddenly and unexpectedly. The support contact number for the office is 01443 853125. Press 1 on connection and the e-mail address is


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