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Supporting Sudden Death In Children & Young Adults

Read about some of the families who have kindly shared their stories with this.

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Taryn Watkins

April the 8th 2015 started as just another day. Little did we know when we got up that morning that it would end up as the worst day of our lives and a day no parent should ever have to face. That evening our beloved youngest daughter, Taryn Hope passed away suddenly and the bottom […]

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Peter Baldwin

On 6th January 2015 we experienced every parents worst nightmare. We lost our darling boy, Peter. Peter had just turned 13 and celebrated Christmas, a normally fit and healthy boy, he was suffering with a chest infection that was unknowingly to us masking undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes (a non-preventable autoimmune disease that can be fatal […]

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Conner Marshall

‘Life goes on’, simple words of a tattoo on Conner’s arm, that now have such an enormous meaning to our family and friends. March 12th 2015 is the horrible day that is forever etched in our minds, deep in our memories and so very sad. Our eldest, handsome and caring Conner was only 18 when […]

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Ffion Jones

Ffion, our youngest daughter passed away suddenly with undiagnosed Addison’s disease in December 2016 following a short flu like illness.  Like other parents in our position, you never entertain that it will happen to you.  When Ffion passed away aged 12, we felt as though our whole world had caved in.

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William Carey

This is my beautiful boy William who was taken from us suddenly in 2008. William was 3 ½. We woke up ‘that day’ a family of three, by lunchtime we were two. Leaving the hospital 4 hours after we arrived with nothing but a poorly printed leaflet, left to go ‘home’ and, I suppose, carry […]

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Griff Edwards

Walking out of the hospital and leaving our baby behind was the hardest thing we had ever had to do up until that point. But even harder was to carry on life after he had gone. It was a beautiful sunny day in June 2014 when our son, Griff was taken from us at just […]

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Jude Evans

On March 28th 2014 our families lives were turned upside down when our gorgeous little boy Jude, aged only 4 ½ months, was very cruelly, quickly & tragically taken from us by Meningitis B. It rocked our world to the core. Only another parent who has lost a child can truly understand the pain, heartache […]

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Caitlyn May Jones

This is my beautiful Caitlyn she was 6 years old when she passed away from a sudden brain haemorrhage. You hear about people losing children but you never would think it could happen to you. Caitlyn passed away the 27th August 2015. The day before we went shopping to buy her school uniform to start […]

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Thomas ‘Tom’ Cody

Tom was our beautiful boy with a big personality and an even bigger heart.  He had the most infectious laugh and the brightest smile.  He would do anything to help anyone. He hated seeing anyone upset, always did his best to cheer you up, make you happy or put a smile on your face.

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