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When a family loses a child or young person the effects are devastating for all who knew and loved them. It is important that support is available if and when required. It is important families know that they are not alone and that the feelings they are experiencing are often normal. It is important that there is communication between the family, hospital staff and members of the police force so families understand what is going to happen in the days and weeks following their loss.


What can we do to help?

Immediate Support

We are working with the staff of emergency and critical units in hospitals in across Wales to offer immediate support to families following their loss. With the parents’ consent the hospital staff on duty inform our immediate support worker of the loss. The family will be contacted within 48 hours by one of our trained support workers. Home visits, telephone and email support are available. Our support workers are there to help families understand the procedure following a sudden child death and to offer a friendly ear.


Support and Counseling

Once the family and the support worker agree, more formal support is offered the charity can provide 6-8 weeks of one to one sessions with a qualified counsellor. These sessions allow individuals to talk openly about their loss. Grief is such an individual process and sometimes it is just good to be able to talk through your individual feelings and thoughts. We also offer a range of complimentary therapy for people who are daunted by talking support. Reflexology and massage have also been proven to assist with anxiety and other effects of loss and grief. 


Sibling Support

Often when a child dies a brother or sister is affected by the loss. They not only miss their sibling and have their own feelings of loss and sadness but they also have to watch their parents come to terms with their loss. Many children find it difficult to communicate their feelings and are worried that they will upset their parents further by discussing it. The house often becomes busy with visitors and life may lose its everyday routine. We offer specialize support for children and young people, using play therapists and offering new techniques such as online counselling and instant messaging support for adolescents. We also provide events for siblings to come together and learn to smile again.


You are not alone and 2 Wish Upon A Star is here to help. If you feel you would like further support or would like to know anymore about the services we offer please call or email our office. Making the first step is always the hardest. 

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